Take Advantage of Our Hair Braiding Service and Other Solutions

Perhaps you’ve just switched from chemically treated locks to natural hair and you want to rock a natural hairstyle. Or maybe you’re already rocking box braids and would like to explore other braid styles. Either way, you’ll want to get in touch with KABA African Hair Braiding! We’re a team of hair specialists in Harlem, NY, and we offer all African style hairstyling services, including the

Hair Braiding

Braiding your hair is an excellent way to protect it from the elements and keep it healthy. You can do the braiding process all by yourself, but it’s best to let the experts do it for you. Call us to take advantage of our hair braiding services!

Hair Weaving

Hair weaving gives you the chance to have long tresses without having to wait for your natural hair to grow. It also gives you the opportunity to explore various hairstyles without having to commit to them for a long time. If you’re ready to rock sew-in weaves, book an appointment with us and use our weaving solutions.

Hair Washing

Hair washing is an important part of the hairstyling process since it makes your hair easier to work with. It also gives you a relaxing and luxurious experience of having your hair washed by an expert. If you decide to have your hair styled by our specialists, don’t worry since hair shampoos and washing will be a part of your styling package.

Hair Styling

Technically, you can style your hair on your own; in fact, if you browse through the Web, you can find plenty of tips on how you can do DIY hairstyling. However, just because you can doesn’t mean that you should! It’s always best to have your hair styled by the pros to ensure that you’ll get world-class results and enjoy excellent value for money. Visit our hair salon in Harlem, NY to take advantage of our hairstyling services!

Kids’ Braiding

We don’t just cater to grownups — we also providing hairstyling services to children! If your kid is ready to have braids, bring him or her to our salon and we’ll take care of the entire braiding process.


KABA African Hair Braiding should be your first port of call if you need professional braiding services and other hairstyling solutions. Dial (917) 970-2708 now to book an appointment with us!