Insights From African Hair Braiding Shops


Many people decide to braid their hair on their own instead of going to African hair braiding shops. There’s nothing wrong with this but, if you’d like to have your hair braided, remember that DIY braiding isn’t always a good idea since it has many disadvantages. We’ve listed some of them below:

You’ll Spend a Lot of Time on the Braiding Process

Braiding hair can take around four to eight hours, depending on the skills of the hair stylist, the length of your hair, and many other factors. Now, imagine doing it all by yourself. Experienced DIY braiders might be able to complete the task within the same amount of time, but you might not be able to do so if you’re still learning the ropes.

You’ll End up With a Sore Neck, Back, and Arms

If you’ve had your hair braided at a braiding salon, you probably know how tiring it can be to sit in a chair for hours and wait for your stylist to finish the job. However, the process becomes even more tiring when you take the do-it-yourself route. Unless you’re okay with dealing with sore muscles on your neck, arms, and back, it’s best to let the experts take care of the braiding process.

Your Braids Might Not Be As Pretty As You Expect

It can be difficult to get your braids right at the back of your head since you can no longer see what you’re doing. You might still be able to get a decent job particularly if you practice relentlessly and greatly improve your DIY skills. However, if you want to have perfect braids, the best thing to do is to get the help of African hair braiding shops.


Do-it-yourself braiding isn’t a bad thing, but it’s not the best option if you want to have picture-perfect braids without spending a lot of time and effort. Don’t worry since finding the right specialists to do your hair isn’t difficult! If you live in New York, NY, you can always turn to KABA African Hair Braiding. Call us now at (917) 970-2708!

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