The Braiding Services You Can Get from African Hair Braiding Shops


Summer is near! With that said, people are now investing to be trendy during the season, which means, fabulous crop tops, tanned skin, and especially, trendy hairstyles. In fact, people, mostly women, invest in having a trendy hairstyle because it is the easiest one to achieve. Also, many women are now considering to have braids due to the influence of their favorite celebrities. Truth be told, they are now sporting fabulous types of hair braids on and off the red carpet not only because it is trendy but also because it is easy to manage. To get you hyped up with having braids, here are several styles you can try on and avail from African braiding shops:


This is one of the most popular hair braids usually availed in African hair braiding shops as it helps women achieve a more chic and edgy vibe. This type of hairstyle is achieved by making small, tight braids lined up against the scalp styled in whatever form you want it to be.

Havana Twists

If you want a more unique hairstyle, you can always opt for Havana twists. This type of hairstyle is usually achieved by creating chunky twists in your hair and is frequently styled with hair extensions. If you want to become a trendsetter, choose this type of hair braid!

Box Braids

Lastly, you can always try having box braids from reliable African hair braiding shops. Most women prefer having this type of braid due to its low maintenance and it gives the hair a break from the regular blowouts and twist-outs. However, you should remember that it does not free you entirely from properly maintaining it if you want to get the best out from your hairstyle.


If you are convinced to get a hair braid but still confused on what to sport, let KABA African Hair Braiding worry for you! If you are within the Harlem, NY area, visit us at our shop and rock a braid on! Give us a call at (917) 970-2708 for estimates and discount inquiries!