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Are you looking for an African hair salon that specializes in hair extension installation? If you are, you’ll want to get in touch with KABA African Hair Braiding. Based in Harlem, NY, we provide professional hair weaving services and can assist you with properly installing your new hair extensions. Call us to book your appointment!

Reasons to Use Hair Extensions

One of the biggest perks of using hair extensions is that they allow you to switch hairstyles ASAP. For example, if you have shoulder-length hair but you want to have curls that reach your waist, simply book an appointment with a hair weaving specialist and you’ll have the waist-length curls that you’ve been dreaming of. By using extensions, you can get your desired hair length without waiting for months or even years for your hair to grow.

Hair extensions also give you the chance to explore various hairstyles without actually committing to them for a long time. For instance, if you have natural hair and want to switch to stick-straight locks, you can simply get straight extensions and have them professionally installed. If you’ve always wanted to have blond curls but aren’t sure how they would look on you, consider buying and installing hair extensions. This way, you can see what it would be like to have curly blond hair and, if you don’t like it, you can simply have it removed and try another hairstyle.

Why Should You Opt for Sew-In Weaves?

There are several ways to install hair extensions, but one of the best techniques is sew-in weaving. This process involves braiding your natural hair and using a special needle and thread to attach the extensions to the braids. Sew-in weaving is a great option since, unlike using tape-in extensions, it doesn’t involve adhesives that can damage your hair. It’s also more secure than using clip-on extensions, which means that you don’t have to worry that your extensions will fall out at any time.


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